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Working with computers since i could talk, I've done everything from computer repair to search engine optimization. From Coding to Graphics design. Even taken part in startup companies and App design. I am a jack of all trades and master of none. But with progress comes growth.

Recruitment Event Planning

A significant component of any successful company is recruiting and retaining effective employees. Retention is completely reliant upon the company’s philosophies and programs they put into place that are meant to show employees that their hard work is appreciated and, more importantly, rewarded. There are some companies – that through their motivation programs, benefits and [...]

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On-Site Event Planning

Modern companies are often called upon to accomplish many things outside the typical parameters of business. With a greater than ever responsibility to their employees, clients, customers, and vendors, companies often put together non-traditional programs in order to realize a greater level of efficiency and maintain those relationships that are most important to them. In [...]

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An Event Planning Company Can Help You Get It Right

When your company is planning a big event, the first thing you could consider is to employ a planning company to help you with the special celebration, because this is a day you will want to make sure is perfect. Even though you might have some great ideas about event planning, you might not be [...]

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Event Planning Is Blending People, Food and A Theme Successfully Together

Right through history, special events have been used as a very popular way to marshal resources and fulfill the basic human need to gather, socialize and achieve the common object is through action by a group endeavor. This requires event planning. Special events appear to have been around forever. History demonstrates that special events are [...]

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Event Planning Shows a Company’s Strengths

No matter what you may choose to believe in business, the reality is that much of corporate competition is a popularity contest – a battle waged on the strengths of each business’s ability to promote itself through marketing, advertising, and extensive public relations – both traditional and virtual. The sooner that companies understand that perception [...]

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Event Planning For the Outdoors

When it comes to outdoor event planning, this can be a challenge, whilst at the same time being very exciting. An outdoor event can be anything such as a wedding, a graduation ceremony or just an outdoor party and it could be organized on a hotel lawn or patio or golf course or by the [...]

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All About Event Planning

Event planning is one of the biggest industries around today. This is because planning an event can prove to be a lot trickier than people think. This is why people hire event planners to plan the event for them. These event planners have to have extensive industry knowledge as well as great organizational skills and [...]

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Event Planning for Employee Appreciation Day

Companies are facing a bit of a crisis lately; with the economy the way that it is, it is becoming more challenging to meet financial goals and even harder to retain good employees. In fact, many people in the workforce are exploring work from home opportunities in order to save themselves the overhead of travel [...]

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Corporate Event Planning for Multi-Day Seminar

Oftentimes the rhythm of modern business includes far more than just the conventional nine to five job. In fact, employees in today’s companies are quite accustomed to working non-traditional hours and in non-traditional ways. There are those employees that work partially or entirely from home, as well as employees that work less hours Monday through [...]

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Corporate event planning: The basics

Corporate event planning is not to be approached as if you were organizing a gathering for friends and family. In order for a corporate event to become a success and for you to receive the right sort of event planning training, it is important for the planner to understand that each company operates with it’s [...]

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