Creative wedding ideas will make your wedding memorable. Consider choosing a romantic destination wedding or theme wedding to make your wedding stand out.

Break out of the mold and create a unique wedding that reflects your personal taste and style – the ultimate specialty wedding.

Creative wedding ideas are what destination weddings and theme weddings are all about. Toss wedding etiquette aside entirely or break just a few rules. After all, it is about you and not about what someone else “thinks you should do.”

You will find articles and links to carry out your creative wedding ideas. We will help you chose a wedding theme or find the best destination wedding package.

Imagine this:

You walk down the gleaming pink sand in a golden ivory tea length dress with gold strappy sandals. Your groom is in cream linen. Your bridal bouquet flowers are the brilliant turquoise of the ocean water in the background. The ribbons hanging from it are swinging gently in the ocean breeze. The sky is cloudless and the sun is spectacular. Wind chimes tinkle in the background completing the island mystique.

You and your groom exchange vow in front of your best friends from school, your parents, and your brothers and sisters. After the ceremony, you walk down the beach to a private grotto where you sip champagne and watch the sun set in a brilliant blast of orange, pink and purple. You dance the night away under a starry sky lit only by tiki torches and candlelight.

After the reception is over you retire to the most amazing bridal suite you have ever seen and watched the moon cross the ocean sky.

Can you imagine a more romantic and memorable start to your married life? If this is your idea of the picture perfect, then a destination wedding is for you.

OR perhaps:

Since a child, you have dreamed of a Cinderella theme wedding. At dusk, you pull up to your storybook white chapel in the country in a carriage drawn by two beautiful white horses. You get out of the carriage and your white ball gown style wedding dress flows around you like a cloud. Your veils trails behind you as you walk up the red carpet to the chapel doors.

Inside your groom await you in a gray tuxedo with tails. The chapel is full of friend and family and the organ plays “Here Comes the Bride” as you enter.

After the ceremony, you greet your guests outside the church at a custom garden reception that you had created just for your day. There are beautiful climbing roses on white painted arbors. The dance floor is covered with a white tent where elaborate chandeliers bathe the floor in a warm glow. Cocktail tables are scattered throughout your reception area covered in jewel-tone linens of sapphire and ruby.

Fresh flowers sprout from planters everywhere adding a wonderfully fragrant bouquet to the early evening air. Fireflies flit in the distance adding their magical light to the night. You and your groom dance your first dance as your guests ring the floor holding lighted candles to celebrate your new union.

Are you sighing at the thought? Then a theme wedding is perfect for you.

Destination weddings the theme weddings can create lasting memories that outshine even the best wedding photos. Your wedding day is something you have day dreamed about since you were a little girl, don’t let anything stand between you and your perfect wedding.

Money doesn’t have to be an issue. Within these pages, you will find creative wedding ideas that will save you money and tips for an affordable destination wedding.

Time doesn’t have to be an issue. I will show you how to cut corners, enlist the help of others and streamline the entire wedding planning process.

The only thing standing between you and the wedding of your dreams is your imagination. Let it loose and let’s have some fun.