Getting married on a Caribbean beach or in a cute European village can be the perfect way to create lasting memories in the wedding photo albums. But where to start?

Cost is one aspect to consider during your planning. Luckily, many resorts and hotels cater to couples who want an all-inclusive package. These packages may include everything from catering and wedding album planning to arranging local transportation for guests. Make sure you shop around for the best deals that suit your needs. Some brides and grooms have found that destination nuptials cry out for the help of a wedding planner. These professionals may even work with a local on-site planner to help carry out your wishes efficiently.

Be prepared to make at least one visit (but probably more) to your chosen locale throughout the planning process. For example, you may need to sample food, talk to the photographer about the wedding albums and research activities for the weekend. While you’re there, make sure you look into the laws governing the area where you plan to tie the knot. Foreign countries may have restrictions on what day you can marry or require you to obtain a license far in advance.

Keep in mind that if you marry in a far-off location, not everyone will be able to join you on your big day. Some couples tell guests not to buy gifts if they are attending a destination wedding to help defray costs. Meanwhile, others plan small from the get-go in order to keep their own costs under control. Finally, make sure to relax and try not to let the planning of your destination wedding take over your life. Just take a deep breath and focus on how beautiful your chosen locale will look as a backdrop in your wedding photo albums