Right through history, special events have been used as a very popular way to marshal resources and fulfill the basic human need to gather, socialize and achieve the common object is through action by a group endeavor. This requires event planning. Special events appear to have been around forever. History demonstrates that special events are popular because they work and they worked because they bring people together, food and other refreshments which are the basic ingredients for creating social glue.

When it comes to event planning, a special event campaign must deliver two prominent products to the event planning program. That is a well-implemented and enjoyable event experience and if it is a fund raising event, it should deliver profits for the business.

Precisely because event planning requires the capacity to implement the full range of fund development techniques, the choice of what type of event it should be should be considered with care. Fortunately things like, time, date, place and rationale mixed with one or more of the basic event types means there is a perfect event for nearly every need, cause, agency and organization on the planet.

Incorporating the characteristics of the reason for the event

You will need to choose an event that incorporates characterizes that is the very essence of the cause or agency they support, and one that will not overtax your resources. There are some organizations that are able to hold very posh and truly elaborate affairs, dripping with elegance. Just make sure that for those who attend and volunteer for your event have a lot of fun. They must want to come back for more. You need to know the right people. Take advantage of your friends and colleagues to filter down the information you need as well. A true event professional will thoroughly plan all aspects from through negotiations based on the needs of the organization he represents, through the planning of every detail right from the initial planning stage, through to the marketing, promotion, and implementation stages. With event planning, there is no place for excuses and the planners and organizers must commit to doing their very best.


Some venues are easy when it comes to pleasing attendees. Co-operation from attendees and nice weather can make venue choice seem easy but sometimes if the weather is not cooperative, attendees often are not accommodating to the event planner. An event planner must never simply adopt the attitude of hoping and praying for good weather or letting a beautiful resort help to tempt attendees to attend an event. It is up to the event planner to rather strive towards enhancing each and every attendee’s experience by thoroughly planning for everything.


An event planner sometimes has no control over the quality of food served. The best ones usually conduct tastings in advance and often will tweak menus when something doesn’t satisfy. A truly great event professional will always emphasize providing value and a perception of value for the attendees. There is never an excuse for accepting inferior service and hoping the beautiful venue will carry you and the attendees through. A true event planner will discuss in detail with the management and staff precisely what his company’s expectations are. A great and successful event does require effective and great planning, which means luck is not so important but the overall experience of event planning is enhanced.