When it comes to outdoor event planning, this can be a challenge, whilst at the same time being very exciting. An outdoor event can be anything such as a wedding, a graduation ceremony or just an outdoor party and it could be organized on a hotel lawn or patio or golf course or by the side of a swimming pool at a country club or a beautiful home. The event planning for an outdoor event can be a whole different ball game from that of an indoor one. With the outdoor planning, additional preparation is required to tackle problems that are associated with the natural environment.

The settings for an outdoor event look brilliant because you usually see a beautiful view. It could be magnificent flowers, the sea, misty mountains or it could even be a cityscape to form a striking backdrop to your event. It might mean that you do not have to bother much about the decoration of the venue, but there are some measures that need to be taken to provide adequate safety and comfort to the guests.

Tackling weather conditions

A dry and warm day with bright sunlight and a gentle breeze is the ideal weather to hold an outdoor event but the weather is the most unpredictable aspect of nature and you can never know when the heat can become unbearable or a quiet breeze can whip up major hail storm or gusts of wind. It is therefore always advisable to keep a backup plan so you can tackle any change in weather. You should actually keep an indoor space adjacent to the venue available just in case of bad weather. You can keep some portable pavilions on hand to provide instant protection to the guests from the sun or unexpected rains. You will find some delightful outdoor canopies with beautiful designs that can serve the purpose. You can even install portable air conditioners in place of fans. This ensures a better cooling effect.

Requirements of the chosen venue

You will need to go and inspect your chosen venue at the time when the event is likely to be held. This will help you decide on features like lighting and the shading required for the event. Whether it be an afternoon or evening event, this is important, because the glare of the sun before sunset causes a lot of trouble and therefore, you might have to arrange for shades in the seating and the buffet area.

Foods are a big attraction for insects but a little bit of planning can enable you to tackle them. You could place some bowls containing sugar water in different locations of the party area to keep insects at bay. You could use decorative mesh lids to cover up all the platters and prevent flies and bees from disrupting the elegance of the event.

Planning the food

There are a few restrictions on the kind of foods that you can serve in an outdoor event such as foods stuffs which cannot be kept unrefrigerated, even for a short while. On a hot and humid day, never serve a hot and heavy meal, and remember that humidity also causes potato chips, pretzels, loaves of bread and cheeses to wilt and dry out very quickly. If you plan to serve meat, fish or poultry, keep them well covered until they are cooked, as flies are very attracted to it. There are challenges to planning an outdoor event, but your guests will delight in the open atmosphere of being closer to nature; it can certainly be a splendid and delightful occasion.