When most people think of business events they think of the stuffy, staid, and, let’s face it, boring affairs that are centered on sales, operations, and industry networking. Such events, while typically few and far between are necessary to meet the objectives of many companies as they call upon employees, vendors, clients, and customers to attend one or several events throughout their year. There are other events hosted by businesses that are far less “corporate” in nature and are of a more social nature. Bigger companies, especially, are often called upon to host formal affairs – for charity, networking, or product launching purposes. Such events do more than just gather guests in a room where they are treated to dinner, drinks, music, and often a multi-media presentation; they are meant to brand a company within their industry and beyond.

Corporate event planning professionals are often called in to help such companies create beautiful and memorable events that are well-attended and successful in their objectives. For formal affairs, there are far more details than the average business meetings hosted by companies nationwide. There is the guest list to manage – complete with invitations, the handling of RSVPs, and the assignments of tables; there is the arrangement of travel and accommodation arrangements for those guests coming in from out of town; there is the coordination of the food and beverage service – an important element that must be on-point in order to match the lavishness of the affair and may include everything from passed appetizers and a full bar with bartending services to a sit down meal and dessert buffet; and there is the orchestration of all the extras that make an affair something to remember – music, presentations, favors and giveaways, and so forth.

When details matter – as they so often do when planning an elaborate affair of any caliber – corporate event planning professionals can ensure that the event itself goes smoothly, and more importantly, that the hosting company is well represented.