Celebrating an event such as a birthday, anniversary, christening, bar/bas mitzvah or a reunion is something almost everyone has done. Whether large or small, makes no difference-it still takes planning.


Whatever the occasion, it is important to have a clear outline of the form of entertaining before the beginning to work on any of the preparations. Deciding the type and size of celebration is the starting point. Begin with your budget, then decide on the type of celebration that will work within your financial restrictions.

Consider the following when planning a special event:


The date and time-Is it a breakfast, brunch, lunch, tea, cocktails, dinner? Is it linked to an outside event? What’s the season?


The degree of formality-Is it formal or informal? If formal, there are some clear-cut rules to follow. If completely informal, you may make your own set of rules. Many events fall between the two extremes. Decide exactly how you want to entertain, let everyone know what to expect and stick to your decisions.


Dress-Showing up at an event inappropriately dressed is embarrassing to your guests. Let them know the appropriate attire.


Guests-Bringing people together for different types of events is not always easy and deciding on the group to invite to larger gathers can be difficult. Nevertheless, this is an essential and important first step in good planning.


Numbers-It is vital that the location be able to handle the number of guests you invite. Location, budget, equipment-these are all factors when considering how many will attend your celebration.

Bathrooms- Always keep this in mind, An event will more than likely have at least 20-50 people at it. Make sure you are using our Event calculator to decide exactly how many rentals you will need.

Location-Where you have your event will be part of the mood of the celebration. Home, indoors or out, hotel, country club, restaurant or a special facility are just a few of the many options you have from which to choose. Of course, the event, cost, and number of guests will help decide the location.


Food and drink-The menu is something everyone remembers, especially when it is outstanding. The type of refreshments served depends on the time of day, the event, location, and a number of guests. Always be sure there is enough food and drink to go around.


Invitations-Name of the host, the occasion, place, time and address to RSVP should be included on all invitations. Many times, type of dress is also included.


Music and entertainment-Whether there is background music supplied by disc, tapes or a full band depends on your budget and the occasion. If there are no other entertainment plans, at least have some background music.