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Graduation Parties

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Art shows

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Open Houses

Block Parties

Family & Reunions

Delong’s Portables covers a wide variety of event types to suit our customer’s needs. We handle Charity Events, Graduation Parties, Motor & Shows, Campgrounds, Art Shows, Horse & Dog Shows, Open Houses, Block Parties, Family & Reunions.

Event Restroom Calculator

Rental Chart

  • Determine how many hours/days your event will be.

  • Figure out what your expected attendance will be.

  • This chart will help estimate how many restrooms you should acquire.

Note: If the event is serving alcohol, add 15-20% more restrooms to compensate. Add one Handicap Restroom per 20 portable restrooms or a minimum of one for public events. A minimum of 1 handwash station should be added for every (4) Restroom.

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