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Sports & Recreation

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At Delong’s Portables, we try to go the extra mile for our community and local events.

  • We have Standard and Handicap Restrooms

  • We will deliver directly to you

  • Delong Portables will exceed expectations

Delong’s Portables covers a wide variety of event types to suit our customer’s needs. We handle Football, Baseball, Soccer, and Hockey Practices. As well as Golf Tournaments and Tailgating Events.

Event Restroom Calculator

Rental Chart

  • Determine how many hours/days your event will be.

  • Figure out what your expected attendance will be.

  • This chart will help estimate how many restrooms you should acquire.

Note: If the event is serving alcohol, add 15-20% more restrooms to compensate. Add one Handicap Restroom per 20 portable restrooms or a minimum of one for public events. A minimum of 1 handwash station should be added for every (4) Restroom.

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