A careful setup facility is necessary to make your event run smoothly. When using a facility for the first time, ask for setup recommendations for your event. See if you can visit the site when it is setup for a similar event.

Timing and crowd movement must be considered before planning. Allow for easy traffic patterns, busy areas, and quiet areas. Noisy areas, such as main halls and dining areas, should be located away from lounge areas and seminar rooms. Sales demonstrations and exhibitors should be located in a high-traffic area. If you have more than one facility or location, it is important to consider the logistics and politics of placement.

An important element of a well-organized facility is posting signs in strategic locations to prevent confusion. Post sufficient signs outside to direct traffic to your location. The signs should be large, clean and concise. Most important, they must be visible.

For outdoor events, check areas for obstacles and holes and remove all debris. Find the most level and open area in which to set up. If there are any areas of potential danger, mark these areas very clearly.Do not overlook sufficient wastebaskets, trash can quantities or Restroom access, especially if food is being served. Trash removal needs to be attended to before, during and after the event.

Look at every facet of your event, then decide what you need to accommodate. A well-planned layout is more than half the battle in making your facility work for you and making your event a success!

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