More and more often people are turning to professional planners to help organize their social events for them. Whether it is a wedding, family reunion, tea, bar/bas mitzvah-the time and the many details involved prevent many from organizing their own events. A professional planner (a.k.a. event planner, coordinator, wedding consultant) is an experienced, organized, detail-oriented, imaginative, people-person who possesses mature judgment, patience and the know-how to orchestrate your special event. The planner coordinates your special event in a personal and cost-effective way.

Planners are not hired just by the very wealthy. Today, more and more people are taking the time to investigate the services offered by these professionals. They are finding that planners’ fees are reasonable and well worth the professionalism and know-how they possess.Planners can save you time, comparison shop and know when adjustments can be made in cost without sacrificing quality. A planner works very closely with a network of reputable professionals from the planning stage through the complete orchestration of your event.The planning and production of your special event leaves you, your family and friends free to enjoy your event. The planner oversees all aspects, taking care of the worry and details. You are then able to devote your time to being the host/hostess.

When planning a wedding, a couple definitely wants to be able to enjoy their special day. Many opt to do all of the planning themselves and really enjoy the process. If time and energy permit, this is certainly a rewarding experience! In some instances, when it gets right down to the wire, and many find themselves completely stressed-out and concerned about the flow of their event. A wedding consultant can coordinate the rehearsal and wedding day. Whether you require a full-service wedding consultant or simply a coordinator for your special day, the consultant/coordinator should be hired as soon as the wedding date is set.

When searching for a planner, find one whose experience is in the type of event you are planning. Check the planner’s reputation with someone who has used their services. Look at their pictures and letters of recommendations. Fees vary from a complimentary, introductory consultation to hourly charges, fixed rate and/or commission.Planning your special event can be overwhelming. A professional planner will save you time and money, while alleviating the stress associated with planning your special event!

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