Balloons have become one of the most popular and economic methods of decorating all kinds of special events-corporate, social and weddings. This trend has grown since the introduction of the beautiful new pearlized and jewel toned balloon colors, as well as balloons imprinted with different designs and logos. Almost any color can be matched with balloons through the “double stuffing” technique. The popularity of balloons can also be attributed to their total compatibility with floral decor.


Not only will balloons add color and beauty to your event, but their adaptability to almost any site is unsurpassed by another decorating medium. Balloons can be used as an accent to an already-attractive location, or they can help transform an ordinary, plain hall into an exciting backdrop.


When using balloons, you should ask yourself some very important questions: Should we try to do the balloons ourselves? Surely, it would be cheaper. Unless balloons are professionally treated with a flight extending product, they will usually float for approximately 12-18 hours. Because of this fact, balloon decor is typically created on the day of the event. Without inflation experience, it will take the average person approximately 1-1/2 to 2 hours to inflate 100 balloons. Also, most balloon decorators offer excellent prices on pre-inflated bulk balloons, so that by the time you buy the uninflated balloons, rent the helium tank and inflator, and buy the ribbon, the difference in price is so small as to be almost insignificant compared to the inconvenience caused by trying to do the balloons yourself.


There are so many balloon companies out there: How do I choose the right one? You can ask your site coordinator or friends for recommendations. You can meet many at party and bridal trade shows. Most hotels and halls have worked with several companies and know the true professionals.


In choosing your balloon decorator, it is most important that the person you are dealing with makes you feel comfortable and confident in their artistic and professional ability. A balloon professional will take the time to ensure that they listen to your ideas, offer suggestions and know the questions to ask to ensure that they will achieve the look and effect you want, not just what they want to sell you!
Price should never be the only consideration when choosing a balloon decorator. In actuality, if you are quoted a comparable price for an item by two or three companies, and then are quoted a significantly lower price by another company, you can probably assume that the “low-ball” company does not have the professional experience of the other companies. The old adage of “you get what you pay for” is never truer than in the balloon decorating industry. When comparing prices, be sure to ask about “hidden” fees such as delivery, travel and setup charges.