So you’ve got the ring, you’ve picked the date.. maybe… now colors.. flowers.. dresses.. jewelry.. tuxes..cake.. church… The list goes on and on and ON it seems.  So how do you keep everything organized? You can buy those wedding planners they sell at bridal shops or bookstores and those will work fine, but here’s a cheaper way that you can make your organizer your very own.

I saw this idea while I was a cashier at a Hobby Lobby when I was only 17 and the idea stuck with me.  A wedding planner who came in regularly for supplies set three binders on the counter as she paid.  Each one had the bride’s future last name on the outside (merely for her to know who’s she was grabbing) and inside she had folders and pockets and bags of EVERYTHING she needed for each girl’s wedding! I thought it was the most amazing thing I had ever seen!

So naturally, the day after I got engaged, I went to the office store, bought myself a $3 binder and started filling it up as I planned.  This is the basic idea of the organizers you can get at stores already made, but the great thing about making your own is that you can make the folders you need, the sizes you need, and even decorate it how YOU want!

A wedding binder is great because you can keep everything you need in one place.  If you’re just getting started, fill it with any ideas you think might work.  You can always weed things out as you make final decisions, but then you don’t have to search through the magazines for that one dress, or that one arrangement, of that one cake you found in one of those magazines.You can carry it around with you or even leave it in your car, that way you always have anything you need.  Run into a lady who you know is the one to do your wedding cake? Pull out all those magazine clippings of your dream cake.  Found flowers you think may match? Pull out your color swatch and you know right then if those will work.  This is a great way to keep track of the things your man is in charge of too.  I know you’re not in charge of tuxes, but why not put those order forms in their own little folder.. then they’re not shoved in his dresser.. or briefcase.. or glove compartment???

You can even put your receipts in there.  Keep them organized like everything else, as close as you can anyway.  Put floral receipts in your floral folder.  If you have floral supplies you didn’t use and need to return, you only have to scan through a handful of receipts than a whole boxful. This helps keep you on track with your budget too. You can quickly see how much you’ve already spent on decorations or if you need to rework a portion of it to buy that veil that you MUST have.

After your wedding is done and over, you can do what you wish with your binder.  Pitch it, and thank God that all the hustle and bustle is over.  Keep it as a memento of your special day and all the planning that went into it.  You could even weed out the receipts and things you don’t want to keep and create a scrapbook out of it adding pictures you took along the way.  Even if you don’t look at it but a couple times, it’s nice to remember all that you did to create the wedding of your dreams and how easy it was too!