Toilet Rental 101
Everything you need to know and consider when renting a portable toilet!

Crowd Control! Know your numbers and make sure you cater for them with the right amount of portable toilets, you don’t want guests having ‘little accidents’, or worse, ‘relieving’ themselves in your pot plants!

Whether you’re having a huge event or a summer garden party work out how many toilets you need to hire with our ‘Toilet Rental Chart’

Space Matters. Portable toilets aren’t particularly small so make sure you have the space to fit the number of toilets you require. Remember, portable toilets are also quite heavy and we can’t teleport the toilets through brick walls, toilets need to be delivered to the spot that you want them to go in, delivery vehicles need to be able to access these areas.

Supplies. Remember that famous phrase ‘be prepared’, portable toilets don’t respond well to unusual/bulky items being flushed down them so make sure your guests don’t get caught short without toilet paper. Biodegradable toilet paper is best for portable toilets to prevent any unsightly blockages and put your portable toilets out of action.

Access. One major issue we see is large event will place their portable toilets an area that can be bottled necked with people waiting, using travel in using the bathroom. Try finding a spread out area to help with event foot traffic.