You have probably been reading different wedding forums or websites like Yahoo Answers trying to get advice for planning your upcoming wedding. One of the most common questions asked or topics discussed has to do with cutting costs or limiting the expense involved in planning a large ceremony and reception. So many people pass along the advice to forget the wedding favors in answer to these concerns. This advice is so terribly wrong.

It is true that the rules of etiquette do not require on to give out favors at weddings or any other party. However, these small gifts given in appreciation to thank those who attend have become a traditional part of most parties including wedding receptions. People may tell you that their absence would not be noticed, but I tell that people would notice. They would not only notice, but get the impression that you are trying to get by on the cheap no matter how much you have spent putting this special event together.

The best thing to do is to make sure that you do give everyone some sort of wedding favors. This will make your guests feel appreciated and provide them with something that they can keep to remember the event by. Keepsake items really do mean a great deal to most people whether they choose to admit it or not.

Ideally, you would choose to give out unique wedding favors. They may either be in the form of personalized items that tie them to the event in a solid manner, such as having the names of the bride and groom and the date of the event imprinted or engraved on the items. If personalization is not for you, or the items you know that you can personalize seem passé, you could try shopping for unique wedding favors as a classification.

Unique wedding favors can be defined as items that are not normally thought of or given as wedding favors. There are hundreds of items from which to choose, making it easy to match the theme of your particular event. Yet, something about these item choices just does not match the picture people envision when you say wedding favors. This is a very good quality to include in your choices. These items will catch the eye more than ordinary everyday wedding favors and make keepsakes that your guests can look and remember the special day without having to look too closely or wonder where they got this particular piece.

Whether it is required by etiquette or not, the giving of wedding favors has become a traditional part of the reception. Giving unique wedding favors gives you the opportunity to include a little bit of yourself in each small gift you put out for your guests to thank them for coming and making your special day the happiest day of your lives and everything you ever hoped it could be.