Events can be planned for just a few or for a large gathering of many-to get together to have fun, raise money and/or celebrate. Whatever the scenario, your organization, and planning are needed in order for the event to be successful.

Seriously think about the reason you want to put on an event. Your goal needs to be clearly defined. Do you want to raise funds, increase membership, build moral, celebrate, educate, promote or increase exposure? An event can have more than one purpose. Whatever it is, outline your goals and strategies to ensure your success for reaching those goals.


With the event purpose in mind, turn your attention to your targeted audience. Decide who and how many you want to reach. How many need to attend to make it a success? What will they spend? If your event is for charity, would more people be apt to attend?


Once your event, its goals, and your audience have been decided, you need to plan the strategies. Well-conceived strategies will see you through to a successful event.


It is important to consider the elements needed to achieve your goals and how to interest your audience. What will be your theme? How long will it take to put you event together? Do you have the time and the resources? Do you have the staff and/or volunteer help available? Can you be sure that your volunteers will be available and have the time needed? How much cash do you have available to start your event? When would you need additional cash flow? Will there be enough portable toilets for the staff and guests? Is there an appropriate and affordable site available? If necessary, could you join forces with another group?


Other questions to address are: do you or someone on your team have experience with this type of event? Has this been a successful event for someone else? Do you need potential sponsors to help finance this event and are there any available?


An appropriate time and date must be set. There should be no conflicts with major events. Unless your event theme or purpose fits in with the holidays, do not plan on those special days. Consider your audience and plan a time and day that will work for them. Refer to past history concerning the weather. Make contingency plans should the weather not cooperate.


Now that the ideas are all documented, it is time to implement! The Fun begins…